Happy Earth Day!

“Every day is Earth Day.” Author Unknown

Not only is it good for our earth, our health, and our pocketbooks, but being green is hip! We’re not all out tree-huggers (just yet), but here are some of the ways that our household/business is being more intentional to take care of our earth.

– recycling
– carrying own bags
– using the dishwasher
– paying bills electronically
– using energy-saving light bulbs
– buying more organic products
– reading magazines at a bookstore instead of buying subscriptions
– reading books via Kindle for iPhone
– using dry cleaning covers as small trash bags
– collecting and taking our hangers back to the dry cleaners
– unplugging electronics that are not in use
– using a personal water bottle instead of buying disposable water bottles
– planning ahead and carpooling as much as we can
– reusing paper and shipping materials
– paperless proofs


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