An Oldie But A Goodie

This particular image from┬áVeda and Jake’s wedding has been extremely good to us. It has won awards and features, and four years later, it is still going strong! Even today, it is featured on two different sites (pure coincidence). Check it out at┬áJunebug Weddings and Design Aglow! For the record though, the greatest thing that came out of their wedding is the friendship that we developed with Veda and Jake. We couldn’t ask for more amazing friends.

Ain’t No Party Like A Wedding Party

We just got home from a fabulous wedding and it’s 2:00am, but I just had to share this. Yesterday morning, our cousin Glo sent us a link to a fun wedding video. It is so fun that it’s getting passed around everywhere, and even the bridesmaids from our wedding yesterday were watching it. Click the image to see all the fun!