Mina and Matt . Wedding

Mina and Matt were married at Grand Tradition, a beautiful venue that would make even Cinderella jealous. With a graceful swan, white horse-drawn carriage, and layers of sheer goodness for Mina’s wedding gown, their wedding had a modern day fairytale feel. Some of the memorable moments included Matt’s comedic take on his vows, their awesome singer friend, the toasting of their friends’ shared anniversary, P. Diddy’s twitter shout-out, and eyelashes turning into pumpkins, er mustaches. And they lived happily ever after. Mina and Matt, thank you for being so cool, laid-back and a joy to be around!

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first giveaway! It will not be the last. One small change I made was that instead of drawing names from my facebook, I drew them from my twitter because that made more sense. For the whole process, Hun and God were my witnesses. :) I was so excited myself that my heart was pumping right before hitting the “Generate” button. Without further ado… *drumroll please* Congratulations to Mina Whitlock!!!

1000 Facebook Friends Celebration Giveaway

Facebook. What a phenomenon. Of course there are critics who say that it’s the diminishment of human relationships as we know it. And although I can see where they’re going with that, I myself happen to enjoy the social media world. In moderation of course, because NOTHING can replace real face-to-face time. But how cool is it that we get to reconnect with long lost childhood friends? How enjoyable is it to keep up with all of our family and friends’ lives? How awesome is it that businesses have a marketing vehicle for free? I could go on about the …