Best of 2009

Presenting a belated Best of 2009. Brought to you by… Best Engagement Look I tend to favor dresses for engagement sessions, but Laina and Ray impressed me with their fall-perfect wardrobe. It didn’t hurt that I have a thing for elbow patches. Best Ring Judy’s ‘something blue’ was a second ring gifted by her Jing Jing. You know what they say… a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Two BFFs in Judy’s case. Best Shoes I think I had the hardest time choosing this category because of all the amazing shoes we’ve seen. Ultimately, Hannah’s sophisticated Kate Spade’s won for their …

Michelle and Ben . Wedding

Michelle and Ben. There are no words to accurately depict these two and their character. Thoughtful and lavish come to mind but that doesn’t even begin to capture their essence. They are both extremely brilliant, inside and out. They met their freshman year in Engineering 100 at University of Washington, which might explain their wedding color (GO DAWGS!). Ben surely knows the way to a woman’s heart… he gifted his bride with a pair of shoes, and not just any pair of shoes, one that has superpowers. Michelle’s bridesmaids were my favorite group of bridesmaids – they’re genuine, uplifting, sweet, and …

Michelle and Ben . Engagement

We had a blast with Michelle and Ben who took it UP a notch and came to the session with props! And yes, that was a play on words with the recent inspirational movie that made me laugh and cry. How can an animation do that?! I digress. Anyhoo, there’s something about balloons that makes people smile, really big. And that’s exactly what happened… Michelle and Ben spread joy to all those around on that evening. By the way, the random fifth image is their picture-perfect save-the-date magnet on our fridge which was created with the first four images.

Gazelle Intensity

Our small group from church just completed Financial Peace University! We celebrated by spending an adventurous day together. We brainstormed different ideas and we didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s fitting that we ended up at the zoo because one of Dave Ramsey’s primary illustrations is to run like the gazelle. Below are some animals that were kind enough to pose for me, my favorite being the giraffe. Click here to see the video of our excursion.

Best of 2008

Today is Tax Day and that usually doesn’t make for the happiest day for most, but hopefully this post will brighten it up a little for you. Presenting the Best of 2008 brought to you by… Best Proposal This might have been the only proposal that GH Kim shot last year, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this proposal was truly dynamite, just like TNT. Best Engagement Look Michelle and Quoc looked spot-on in dressy casual chic. Best Ring In a sea of round and princess cuts, Lauren’s pear-shaped ring stood out to be unique and gorgeous. Best …