Laura and Shane . Wedding

Venue: The Golf Club at Newcastle Florist: Plateau Florist Cake: Cakes by Creme de la Creme Dress: The Wedding Bell DJ: Viva Productions Makeup: Maryanna Glover

Happy Birthday Hun!

It’s my dear husband’s birthday today and we woke up to * snow * ! Unfortunately though, we had to cancel his annual big birthday bash tonight. Poor Hun. Even so, I think the snow is a wonderful symbol of excitement, magic, happiness, and new beginnings (which we’ve already been having a lot of around here). Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world! Photo taken on Christmas Day three years ago by self-timer

We Heart Junebug

If you’ve been following our blog, we mention Junebug Weddings here and there. We’ve been with them since 2008 and we absolutely adore them. Not only is their site a valuable resource, the ladies behind it are incredible! They recently launched an image gallery where you can sort and narrow your search to view exactly what you’re looking for (you’ll see our images interspersed throughout the gallery). Click on the image below to experiment for yourself. (top right thumbnails are also our images of Janet & Tony and the Junebug ladies) And click below to see our profile. Lastly, check …


Update: The winner is Helen Choi! Congratulations! You will receive an email with details shortly. Thank you to everyone who participated and for your support! We hope that the music moves and inspires you! ———- “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach Happy Friday lovelies! Do I have a treat for you! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this post for awhile. You see, my husband is not only a talented photographer as most people know him as, he is seriously the epitome of a “Jack of all trades.” One of his trades happens to …

“You Know You’re A Wedding Photographer If…”

Ok. So people who know me, know that I laugh at almost anything, but H REALLY makes me laugh. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s not just a biased wife thing though. He livens up any room. Like literally, he would make Eeyore laugh himself funny. Anyhow, all this to say that yesterday, H pulls out of nowhere a “You know you’re a wedding photographer if…” Top 10 Countdown (à la David Letterman’s Top Ten List) on his twitter/facebook and it was a hit! You know you’re a wedding photographer if… #10. During weekdays you’re constantly asking yourself/others, “What day is it …

Shooting Stars

H and I were best friends for many years before we actually became a couple. I really thought we were the exception to the rule that men and women cannot be close friends. Boy was I wrong! I’ll never, ever forget the day… moments after he professed his feelings for me were more than platonic, we saw shooting stars! Literally! And figuratively. ;) Six years ago today, I married my best friend. He’s larger than life. And he’s the best part of my life. Oh, and my Top 10 still holds true.

1000 Facebook Friends Celebration Giveaway

Facebook. What a phenomenon. Of course there are critics who say that it’s the diminishment of human relationships as we know it. And although I can see where they’re going with that, I myself happen to enjoy the social media world. In moderation of course, because NOTHING can replace real face-to-face time. But how cool is it that we get to reconnect with long lost childhood friends? How enjoyable is it to keep up with all of our family and friends’ lives? How awesome is it that businesses have a marketing vehicle for free? I could go on about the …