The Next Closest Thing to Oprah?

We had to keep our lips sealed for over a month, but you might want to watch or DVR… (with my hands raised up and best Oprah voice)… The Nate Berkus Show tomorrow (Friday 12/3)!!!

I’ve watched Nate and his design skills since he used to be a regularly featured expert on Oprah, and now he has his own show!

We’re not exactly on it per se, but there’s a chance that you might catch a glimpse of us. For sure though, our dear friend Me Ra Koh will be doing her thing and you won’t want to miss it! Me Ra is an amazing woman who gives and shares so much of herself and I am so proud and inspired to see her success.

Which is a great segway to something I’ve been wanting to write a long time ago. Thank you to all the owners of the fingers who clicked 6239+ times for me and my Oprah audition! I didn’t make it to the next round, but in just five short days, I am seriously amazed by the outpouring of support and votes that I received, exceeding my expectations (lesson: don’t hesitate)! I was also really touched by so many emails from people saying how my audition inspired them to take steps to pursue their dreams. I am deeply grateful to all of you who joined me in being a part of my journey as I pursue freedom in my life. My cup overflows. :)

Back to regular programming… here’s the station finder to find the channel/time near you for tomorrow’s show.

[Post update: View clip here]


  1. I saw just a glimpse of your card idea on the NAte show. I am dying to see it in more detail because it looked adorable…and just the type of card I would LOVE to send out. Can you order those through your website? If not, can you post a picture.

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