You guys are truly artists! I’ve never been to a wedding where the photographers felt like part of the group/ceremony/celebration and that’s how it felt with you! You guys even had a few of our friends questioning their professions (why didn’t I choose a line of work where people are at their best? and oh they just seem to love what they do). I’m so glad we chose you guys!!

Rebecca & Ron


We have already looked at these photos multiple times and we absolutely love them. Just wanted to write back and say thank you for capturing what probably will be most amazing moment of our lives. It was all the more enjoyable because we were in good company of amazingly talented friends. :)

Helen & Jay


I was so busy at work that I didn’t have time to look at all the pictures until just now…FANTASTIC. PERFECTION. AMAZING! The pictures truly captured the emotions, the ambiance, the style, the LOVE, haha. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!

Daniel & Maureen


There are no words to express how grateful I am to have met you guys. Your kindness and generosity matched with your undeniable talent make you both so very special. Thank you for ALL of our stunning wedding photos. Beyond being amazing photographers, you are an even more amazing couple and Nate and I are so happy to have been able to work with you.

Thank you!!

Love, Christy


THANK YOU both so much for being a part of our special day! We loved having you there, and agreed that you were our favorite vendor to work with. Everyone raved about the photos! After all the food is eaten, the flowers thrown away, the dress wrapped up; we will have these special pictures to remember our day…. we will truly treasure them.

Thanks!! Amber


“Thanks for making us look so dead-sexy. You guys are geniuses behind the camera.”

Carrie and Jeff



Oh my goodness… I couldn’t have asked for anything more!!!

You guys are amazing photographers and continue to suprise and impress me with every photo you take!

Thank you sooo much for capturing our special day in such a beautiful way.

Love, Matt and Mina


I’m in love again! The minute I got home, I think I saw the slideshow 100 times and will probably see it another 500! I am so pleased, excited, and in love with the photos! The images are what I imagined them to be and more. I can’t believe how beautiful they are!

Truly talented and blessed photographers you are.

Thank you!

Sarah and David


You two are one of the most wonderful people we ever met. You make our world a happy place just by being in it! Thank you for celebrating with us!

Ben and I are overwhelmed with joy! We were so excited when we saw your mail late last night and we couldn’t resist to look through all of them over and over again that we’re a bit sleep deprived this morning :-) but still very delighted and in good spirits. We went to bed last night with smiles on our faces. It made us relive the wedding all over again.

The photos look amazing! I’m sure you get that a lot and receive lots of “thank yous”. But we mean it more than any words can express of how grateful we are for having such wonderful photographers. Thank you for capturing our very special day and, at times, for reminding us to breathe :-). Your presence there made it even more special. The photos will continue to remind us of how blessed we are for being surrounded with such great friends and family in our lives, what really matters most in life.

Everyone told us how beautiful the pictures turned out. You made us look good.

Big hugs to both of you!

Love, Michelle


Thank you so much for all your time, talent, and energy. We are so happy you guys were a vital part of our wedding day festivities. We loved spending time with you and it was a delight working with you. Thank you for making us look good and for keeping us sane in the midst of chaos.

Many blessings, Joanne and Jaime


We have just spent hours reliving our wedding day. The photos are fantastic and we cannot thank you enough for capturing our special day. I am a detail-oriented person, and you surpassed my expectations. We are so happy that we chose the two of you to be a part of our wedding day.

It was hard to plan a wedding from D.C., but having the two of you as our photographers made the process of planning a wedding across the US less stressful. You have a special gift for photography that is truly an art form.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Love, Laina and Jed


I think one of the key factors that distinguishes a good photographer from an excellent one is his/her ability to make his subjects feel most comfortable in their own skin. A photographer’s ability to do that is accurately reflected in the pictures since one cannot fake a moment. Grace and Hun have an amazing ability to capture seemingly insignificant moments that turn into memories etched in our souls for a lifetime. To top it all off, their presence is neither conspicuous nor invisible. They project the perfect amount of neutrality to let the subjects’ true personalities shine through.

Juliette & Mark


The photos are stunning. You both are so talented. Brandon and I truly appreciate the mixture of your creativity, wonderful skill, and throwing in some FUN as these pictures would not be what they are without those three elements!

Sue & Brandon


To our dear new friends, thank you so much for everything. It was an honor to have your creativity capture our engagement and wedding celebration. Thank you so much for the incredible experience we had with you; you made it so easy and fun. We are constantly hearing how awesome our wedding photos are and we love every single one.

You really went above and beyond, and we really respect and admire that. You guys are awesome.

Teressa & Ryan


Picture perfect.

It’s like you read our minds and artfully captured each and every one of the shots (and then some)! We had 100% trust that you would capture our day beautifully and you exceeded our expectations! You guys are amazing! We will treasure these photos for a lifetime.

Thank you a million times over!!!

Sincerely, Veda & Jake


Thank you SO MUCH for everything! We jumped up and down while looking at all of the pictures! We’re so blown away by how you guys worked it!! You guys ROCK! :D

Thank you so much for all the time and effort put into the images!!! Thank you!!! We love our pictures! They’re so fabulous!

Kathy & Dennis


Thank you for always being so good to us. We want you to know that you guys are much more than just our photographers. You are more near and dear to our hearts than we can write in this card.

Your blood, sweat, and tears have not gone unnoticed! We cherish you!

In love, The Kinnamans


We looked for a few different photographers when we were searching for someone to shoot our wedding, and we decided on GH Kim Photography because of the quality of their work AND because we felt incredibly comfortable with them from our very first meeting. They even helped us to pick the location of our wedding, as we were having a difficult time finding a church large enough to fit our needs.

They did a fantastic job in capturing the essence of the wedding in their photos and have given us stunning, vivid reminders of a fantastic day. We have gotten compliment after compliment from people who viewed them, and several have even asked to have them shoot at their own weddings! If you work with them, we’re confident you’ll be COMPLETELY satisfied!!!

Carolyn & Yee


Hun is a great photographer and I recommend him to all my friends. He was our photographer for our wedding and I loved every single photo. He captured many special moments. The photos were classic and simply beautiful.



We were truly delighted to have you two photograph our wedding, as it’s not often you find such great talent going hand in hand with the pleasant and easygoing demeanor that you two possess.

Andrea & Drew


We’ve sufficiently viewed our photos and wanted to tell you how much we love them. You guys did a tremendous job capturing the spirit and the emotions of the day. All our friends and family have showered many compliments on the work you did. There are so many fabulous moments captured, but strangely enough, I especially love the photo of someone raising their hand. I told Andre I wanted to get it blown up and framed as a reminder to us of what our marriage is really about.

Thanks again, we look forward to many GH Kim moments in the future.

Ambra & Andre


Hun is an extraordinarily talented photographer and an incredible person to work with. He possesses the ability to make everyone comfortable while maintaining a professional work ethic. My wedding was located in Spokane, WA, but they were flexible and accommodating. We were thrilled with the end product and the pleasure of working with them. I would highly recommend GH Kim Photography to others.



I don’t know how you do it! Every photo in the slideshow just captured every moment of the event that was touching. I can’t begin to express how much I love your style of photography… capturing every angle just perfectly. You were such a joy to share this event with, making it so easy and SOOO fun. You were the compliment of every moment and the photos are beautiful!!!

Thank you, thank you!

The Kelleys


THE PICTURES ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Ale and I have spent all day drooling over them. You guys are amazing, and we’re so glad we decided to hire you. We had so much fun, and the pictures are just unbelievable. We also liked you guys very much personally, and we were thinking of inviting you out to dinner sometime. :)

Alejandra & Rodrigo


We’ve now had a chance to look through most of the photos and we are absolutely amazed. The photography is stunning and, can I say this… we all look exponentially better than we do in real life. The images are dreamy, creative, and full of life. And the way you interspersed detail shots of the food, champagne, flowers, rings, and fire. It’s amazing. Very well done.

Laura & Paul