1000 Facebook Friends Celebration Giveaway

Facebook. What a phenomenon. Of course there are critics who say that it’s the diminishment of human relationships as we know it. And although I can see where they’re going with that, I myself happen to enjoy the social media world. In moderation of course, because NOTHING can replace real face-to-face time. But how cool is it that we get to reconnect with long lost childhood friends? How enjoyable is it to keep up with all of our family and friends’ lives? How awesome is it that businesses have a marketing vehicle for free? I could go on about the complex web of these social sites, but we’ll get to the fun part now.

Yesterday, I happened to see that I had 1000 facebook friends! I’ll make any excuse to celebrate… and what better way than to give something away?! Keep reading below…


Here’s the lowdown.

– You must be connected to us via facebook, twitter, AND email subscription (valid email address). If you aren’t already, click buttons below.

– At midnight tonight (PST), I will randomly draw a name from my facebook, and confirm in all the other 4 sources.

– One lucky winner will receive a Portrait Session from yours truly (value $600).

– Portrait Session must be in the greater Seattle area unless you want to fly me out. :)

– Anyone and everyone is eligible.

– The winner will be announced tomorrow.

How does that sound?

Okay, good luck!

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  1. Yay!!! I had to reset my password on Twitter since I never use it, but I was happy to find that I’m already following you and Hun on it! Congrats on reaching the 1k mark!

  2. Yay! I’m good to go, I’m already connected through everything… kinda makes you feel like a bit of a stalker, actually. lol. =)

  3. i’m still subscribed to your xanga! does that count? either way i just added you as my friend AND i’ve been a fan since forever! =D I CANNOT wait till i win..because i’m going to fly out to you just for that!

  4. Grace-

    You got me to join Twitter, you and Hun are the first two people I am following, how exciting. I hope I win, I would love a family photo shoot with my husband and two boys!!!

    Lori Lose
    Elegant Affairs

  5. done done and done… I’m already a complete stalker… and can’t wait for the MattJam wedding preview in all its glory.
    You guys are the best! and any excuse to take pictures with you is an honor :)

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