With Hope

Seven years ago today, my younger brother passed away after fighting cancer for two years. Even though I know he’s in a better place, I can’t help but wish he were still here with us. I miss his smile. I miss his laughter. I miss his sense of humor. I miss his quirks. I miss the extraordinary way he cared so much for others. I miss his singing. I miss his many facial expressions. I miss his generosity. I miss our Thai Iced Tea dates. I miss how he spoke gentle truth into people’s lives. I miss him now more than ever.

Having Steven Curtis Chapman’s “With Hope” on repeat was what helped me cope, and so I dedicate this post to anyone who has lost a loved one… live on… with hope.



  1. We are thinking of Paul and your family on this beautiful day! It’s great to be able to get to know still him via your memories/blog. What a great picture!

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