Snowy and Coco

I’m currently working on our “Best of GH Kim” post, but until then, I thought I’d bring you some cuteness to tie you over.

Snowy and Coco are on my lap right now to help me write this post. We’re doggy-sitting my parents’ dogs for an indefinite time, and we’ve definitely had to make a lot of changes around here for the past couple weeks they’ve already been with us. For one, I slung them over my shoulder in a camera bag while biking because I didn’t want to leave them at home.

A quick background on them: My mom was not into dogs because she was traumatized in her earlier years, but after we lost Paul, my dad and I thought it would be good to find a cute little dog for her. We decided Toy Maltese would be perfect. First came Snowy and then about a year later came Coco. They’re from the same mom so they’re sisters. Snowy is outgoing but has a lot of fear. Coco is shy but is fearless. They are both lovers and they are healers.

Below is a picture of the two darlings fresh after a bath (Coco on left, Snowy on right).


  1. I was wondering whose dogs those were in your biking picture. They are incredibly cute…and dogs are amazing companions!

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