Close-Knit Friendships

I’ve never imagined myself to be the knitting type (then again, I never imagined myself to be a photographer), but for the past year or so, my eyes have been drawn to knitting. Some might say that it’s a sign of aging, but I’m going to believe it’s a sign of another creative outlet. ;) I haven’t started learning yet, but I definitely have it on my list of things to accomplish. One of my friends, Yasuko brings her knitting projects to church here and there, and I get so fascinated with all the cute things she makes. Yesterday, she gifted me with the cutest little knit bear (in my favorite color white), and I was so overwhelmingly touched!
I named him ‘Hun’ny Bear. Get it? *chuckles*

Every time I look at him, it will be another reminder of how friendships are so precious, just how God intended them to be. Thank you Yasuko!



  1. That is so cute!
    I totally understand your fascination….I’ve been knitting pears and fruit the last couple weeks and Erik thinks I’m crazy for getting so into it. :)

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