Carpe Diem

His expressive eyes started fading and his once-athletic-turned-skeletal body stopped responding. When my parents and I realized what was happening, we desperately cried out to him to stay with us and that we love him so much. Watching him die a slow death right before our eyes was surreal. Actually, surreal doesn’t even cut it. It was straight out of a tear-jerking movie, except it was happening to us in real life. We lost the baby of our family to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 10 years ago today.

I miss him terribly and there is so much more to this story, but the legacy he left in his twenty-one years of life is what inspires the heck out of me. In his last years of battling cancer, he was constrained to a wheelchair and bed, strapped to an oxygen tank, poked constantly with needles and tubes, and so many other things too painful to share, yet, he kept on smiling, caring for others, and singing his heart out to God. Even to the end, he loved and lived with purpose.

My hope in sharing this is that anyone reading will not take a single day for granted. Maybe you or a loved one have a life-threatening illness or maybe you’re the healthiest person in the world. Scary and somber as it is, death is guaranteed for all of us sooner or later. So either we can choose to live an unfulfilling life, just going through the motions or we can choose to live life like we were meant to – with purpose!

I personally have been convicted to start a new venture in which I am dedicating to my brother (hence the lack of posts here on my part). It’s not ready to be public yet, but I’m excited to share when it launches (hint is in the sticker picture below). In the meantime, GH Kim Photography is still going strong with my amazing husband who was the front runner for the photography revolution in our communities, along with our talented team, and they are incredibly passionate about creating treasured memories for you!

Pictured from left to right: Grace, Hun, Paul (my bro)
Fun fact: H and I were just friends at the time. Little did we know how things would turn out. :)


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