The Very First Semi-Romantic Pic of Us Ever

Believe it or not, this is the very first semi-romantic pic of us ever [taken past wknd with self-timer]… [!] Crazy.


  1. Beautiful photo of the two of you. I love your dress and hair. It looks like you are in the gorge near Nick and I. The sunsets over here are amazing.

  2. Carolyn, we were right by the Gorge at Cave B Inn. You and Nick should check it out since you’re right there! | Tina, anything to put a smile on that cute face of yours. :) | Shayne, coming from a beautiful lady yourself, I’m going to take that in! I shop at various places, but my fave is probably Nordstrom Rack… which is where this particular BCBG dress is from – got it for $70 (normally $380)! :) | Jess, I can’t believe he did either, to the public anyway. | John, you’re a… funny, kind, and awesome guy!

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