Video Sessions by DvPixl Films!

Even more than yesterday’s images, I am super excited to show you a video of Rachel and Sam’s engagement session by DvPixl films! Being photographers, we’re lovers of still images of course, but we have an appreciation for great film work as well.

For our own wedding, the best decision we made was hiring him as our videographer hands down. Moses used to live in New York so it was harder to refer him, but not anymore because him and his wife recently moved to Seattle. He was also commissioned for Laina and Ray’s wedding and she described him and his work perfectly, “AHHH-MAZING! You were right that we won’t be disappointed by him. Such a quiet, sweet soul and so talented.” Since we love his work so much, I suggested that he add video sessions to his services, and below is an amazing film he came up with.

You too can have a video for your portrait/engagement/anniversary/family session (even if it’s not photographed by us). What an incredible way to treasure fleeting moments with your loved ones! Click here to inquire for videography.

Note: If you’re viewing with Safari, because of the latest update, you might have to refresh the page for the video to show up.


  1. Wow.. I love it! the video turned out SO beautifully… something delicate about it. Bride’s style is awesome…

  2. Wow, that made my heart ache a little. I’m trying to remember how we (josh and i) were 11 years and 4 kids ago.

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