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christmas2013 Oui Wish You A Merry Christmas


Eight years full of laughter and adventure… never a dull moment with you.
Happy Anniversary my love!

anniversary8 Eight

Photo from 2005 by Jane Lee


skydiving 01 Skydive wedding photography, coming soon... ;)

skydiving 02 Skydive wedding photography, coming soon... ;)

skydiving 03 Skydive wedding photography, coming soon... ;)

skydiving 04 Skydive wedding photography, coming soon... ;)


It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I have to admit that I’ve been running around like a headless chicken – editing sessions/weddings, fulfilling Christmas orders, waiting and waiting and waiting in post office lines while also squeezing in time to do things that make me the most happy like crafting/putting up Christmas decorations, finding the perfect gifts and wrapping them, and attending festive parties with loved ones. Can anyone else relate?

But now I would like to pause, take in the moment, and remember the real reason for the season. Every year, I hear less people saying “Merry Christmas” because it’s supposedly impolitically correct (perfect example here). And even though I’m scared to sometimes, I always try to say it to cashiers and other strangers, and without fail, all of them smile and most even say it back with excitement. Many might deny God’s existence, but in reality, if Jesus wasn’t born, this joyous season would not exist. No trees, no lights, no gifts, no carols, no parties, no anything. Could you imagine that? :( Well anyways, I didn’t intend on writing all this but my mind and fingers had other intentions.

We’re off to the east coast the day after Christmas and we’re super excited! We’ve been to DC and NY countless times, but it’s our first time experiencing the holidays there, or anywhere else besides home for that matter. Hun’s band got invited to play out there and the wives are tagging along. So with that said, please be patient with us if we don’t respond to emails right away.

A HUGE thank you and loves all around to our 2010 clients and readers for making this another memorable year!

Merry Christmas friends and see you in the New Year!

christmascard2010 Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!


It’s my dear husband’s birthday today and we woke up to * snow * ! Unfortunately though, we had to cancel his annual big birthday bash tonight. Poor Hun. Even so, I think the snow is a wonderful symbol of excitement, magic, happiness, and new beginnings (which we’ve already been having a lot of around here). Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world!

hun36 Happy Birthday Hun!
Photo taken on Christmas Day three years ago by self-timer