Our bloggity blog just got a makeover! And just in time for the myriad of posts to come.

To go with our makeover today, here’s a before and after from Lillian and Brad’s wedding.

Hover over image to see the difference.


  1. Love the “behind-the-scenes” look at your post-processing work. It’s fantastic!!!! I’ve always loved the clean look of your website & blog, too…and now it’s only that much better!

  2. Hi I love your photos! I’m a novice and cant ever seem to get the skin color you do in your photos. I’m frustrated and have spent countless hours experimenting. Too yellow, too red, too blown out!

    Any suggestions?

  3. Yee – You are always so encouraging and awesome!
    Ben – It takes us countless hours too! Every photographer does things differently and some probably have more efficient ways, but we use the White Balance Tool in Photoshop and then adjust the Temperature, Tint, and Brightness bars to what is pleasing to our eyes. Just keep experimenting until you like what you see and then practice that until you get faster. Hope that helps!

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