Before & After

Just wanted to share today about what goes on behind the scenes after an image is taken. A lot actually. I don’t want to bore you with the whole process, but I did want to take you to one of the last things we do in Photoshop as a final touch. Note that we do our best to get the shot right from the start, but when you’re photographing in a fast-paced, high intensity setting like a wedding, that’s not always possible.

For the image below from Laina and Ray’s wedding, we could have cropped it in to get rid of the cardboard but knew it would look much better without the boutonnieres cropped. Not every single image has a drastic transformation, but that’s the kind of detail work we do, not on just images that go on a wall or in an album, but on every. single. image. That’s the GH Kim Difference.

Hover over image to see the difference.