Hun claims to have become a wedding photographer by accident. At the prodding of his wife, he soon learned that what initially started out as an artistic hobby would become a full-fledged business endeavor. As an artist, Hun loves the challenge of fusing his passion for art and the necessity of business. The businessperson he most looks up to is his wife, Grace, and not just because she likes doing most of the work. He thinks she’s pretty awesome. She is his partner in business, crime and daily laugh sessions.

Hun is the consummate artist. He is a photographer, a musician, and a closet hair stylist. Hun brings his intelligent eye to his work as a photographer. He firmly believes the combination of the moment and the interpretation of that moment are what make up a perfect picture. He finds it a rewarding challenge to anticipate the moments that matter most in life and capture them for posterity.

Despite his love of classic, simple and nostalgic settings, he still can’t live without his iPhone. In his spare time Hun enjoys music, all matters of technology, gadgetry and doing all he can to maintain the title his friends gave him of “movie snob.”

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For many years Grace made her best attempts to resist the calling to the camera. Now she can barely go through an entire day without composing every moment of the world around her in frames. Her keen eye and creative approach are what she depends on most to produce the perfect image…and to bargain shop. Believe it or not, Grace’s ability to spot a great deal is actually the mark of a highly trained and detailed eye. If she didn’t spend her days as a photographer, Grace would make a great style coach and price hunter.

Grace is a lover of beauty and style. She enjoys art, design, fashion, food, cuddling with her hubby, breaking out in show tunes at random times, and of course, weddings. Most importantly she enjoys roaming the beautiful aisles of Target.

Grace loves that she gets to work side by side with her best friend and husband, Hun, who makes her laugh every day and inspires her to be better at all she does. In photography she truly has found a medium where she can express herself in a completely free way. Best of all, she loves love. She loves the opportunity to capture love in all forms, and to do all she does to the glory of God who is the ultimate expression of love.

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by Ambra Benjamin